Research of the elementary nonlinear oscillatory system

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Virtual laboratory > Research of the elementary nonlinear oscillatory system

At this stand is shown the dependence of the speed of movement of the sinker on a nonlinear spring. On the stand the default value of a few nonlinear equations that can be selected in the window "Configuration".

If you want to define your own non-linearity, this can be done by using the button "Add" at the bottom of the program. The right of the button you can set the parameters of nonlinearity in the format [math]k x^s[/math], where [math]k[/math] -- is the multiplier by the nonlinear term, [math]s[/math] -- is the degree of nonlinearity. Above the button "Add" displays the resulting equation, each term of the equation is displayed as a button. Click on this button if you want to remove this part of the equation.

Developers: D.V. Tsvetkov, A.M. Krivtsov.