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Welcome to the Virtual laboratory page!

Here you can see computer experiments in interactive online format. Various systems can be investigated: mathematical, mechanical, physical, biological, etc. Also, you can learn online programming and visualization. More experiments are available on the Russian page (see the link at the left panel).

Cellular automaton

The program, representing a classic "Conway's Game of Life". The cells can be drawn on the field by cursor.

Solar System

This model demonstrates the real attitude of the orbital periods of the planets. The radiuses of the planet orbits, as well as the sizes of the planets and the Sun are shown in a logarithmic scale.

The application allows you to study a particle trajectory in a central power-law potential field.


The program simulates dynamics of interacting particles. Each particle represents a viscoelastic sphere.


The program simulates dynamics of a 1D harmonic crystal. See also Heat transfer in a 1D harmonic crystal.


The program demontrates different crystal lattice structures.

Some other virtual stands arranged by topic