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General information[edit]

Possible research topics are listed below. Anyone can take part in research, regardless of age, education, etc. In particular, the research can be carried out both by pupils and students. These studies can provide the basis of bachelor, master's or Ph.D. thesis, also it allows you to take part in research and commercial projects performed by the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics SPbSPU.

Virtually all the research topics combine both fundamental and applied studies.
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Task list[edit]

Below is a list of possible research topics not related to ongoing projects, but also of great interest.

Suggested research topics Contact person

High Performance Computing, IT

Development of algorithms for multiprocessor computing systems A.M. Krivtsov, A.A. Le-Zakharov, A.J. Panchenko
Development of algorithms for computing using GPUs I.E. Asonov, A.J. Panchenko
Suggested topics for project activities in computer science I.E. Asonov
Mechanics of discrete media
Mechanics of discrete media: formulation of the fundamental laws A.M. Krivtsov
Study of the computer material properties consisting of different sized particles A.M. Krivtsov, V.A. Kuz'kin
Study of oscillations of one-, two- and three- dimensional systems with torque interactions A.M. Krivtsov, V.A. Kuz'kin
Simulation of surface tension in discrete systems V.A. Kuz'kin
Determination of equivalent thermodynamic parameters of discrete rod systems with the torque interactions V.A. Kuz'kin
Transition between the discrete and continuum mechanics A.M. Krivtsov
Dynamic processes (waves) in discrete media I.E. Berinskii
Thermodynamics of discrete media A.M. Krivtsov
Transient thermal processes in discrete media A.M. Krivtsov
Virtual materials: methods of creating and their physical and mechanical properties A.M. Krivtsov
The Lennard-Jones material A.M. Krivtsov
Construction of a discrete model of the atom in the framework of classical mechanics A.M. Krivtsov

Experimental studies and technical creativity

Technical creativity: robotics, microelectronics, engineering, aircraft construction,... I.E. Asonov
Mathematical modeling of drones I.A. Vereninov
Development of mathematical models and prototypes of the machine for styrofoam cutting I.A. Vereninov
Development of the inertial navigation system for tricopters I.A. Vereninov
Development of algorithms for stitching images into 3D maps I.A. Vereninov
Research of rods' dynamic buckling under compression: modeling and experiments V.A. Kuz'kin
Creating of three-dimensional images (Photomechanics Ltd.) A.A. Le-Zakharov, S.A. Le-Zakharov
Behavior of the materials under impact and explosive loads: theory and experiment (!) V.A. Borovikov, A.M. Krivtsov


Simulation of soft tissues and muscles and their interaction with artificial implants I.E. Berinskii
High speed filming in the medical and sports biomechanics I.E. Berinskii

Rigid body dynamics

Problems on rigid body dynamics A.M. Krivtsov

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