Simple automatic tests for IntraACL

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You can create and run simple automatic tests to check IntraACL for correct operation. Tests are ran by HTTP request emulation without using IntraACL APIs which guarantees their independence of other IntraACL code. It may be useful for you if you strongly rely on IntraACL right system and want to be assured that neither your right definitions nor IntraACL itself has grave errors which can lead to information leaks.

Only very simple tests in form of "user, page, can/cannot read" are supported. However a considerable amount of right tests can be made using such simple checks. Test users, pages, rights and tests themselves must be created by Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics administrator. You can specify them on MediaWiki:IntraACL right tests in a following form:

* User | Page | <ACCESS> | <TEST> | Test comment

Where <ACCESS> is either "yes" or "no" (user has access / user has no access),
and <TEST> is either an empty string or "search" (which corresponds to direct access check or page search).

URL for automatic testing. Prints only test errors or empty output in case of no error.