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Students design department “Satellite Polytech” is a part of SCY (Center for scientific and technical creativity of the youth). The main focus of the design department is involving students into the project works, as well as experience and knowledge exchange between the university students, high school students, engineers and researchers. It also aims at creating experimental scientific equipment, machinery and robotics.

The first project of the design department is creation of a student satellite of a CubeSat type. The project is currently being developed at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. The design and construction of the satellite, as well as the program code development, loads analysis and equipping the satellite with radioelectronic systems is being done by the design department team. Undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students are involved in the project. Also, high school students participate in it. Satellite will be equipped with a camera that would allow taking panoramic images from space and would be able to transmit the photos to Earth. All the images will be open access. There will also be other equipment on the satellite for performing scientific experiments (details to follow).

The launch of the satellite is planned to be done with the support of the Russian Federal Space Agency and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The project will contribute toward:

  • popularization of space science among youth;
  • familiarise university and high school students with space technology;
  • scientific development and student research enhancement;
  • promote interest of university and high school students for research in space industry and high-tech.

Project goals[edit]

1. Development of documentation of the satellite systems;

2. Construction and testing of the systems;

3. Construction of a prototype of «Satellite Polytech»;

4. Testing the satellite in the stratosphere;

5. Modification of the satellite’s systems;

6. Preparation for the launch into the orbit .

The team[edit]

  • Andrey Murachev, team leader
  • Maksim Lerman and Aleksandr Kornev, constructor engineers
  • Nilan Jayasinghe and Igor Nikolaev, electricians
  • Maksim Zakharenkov and Anton Matveev, software developers (C++)
  • Anna Terskaya and Ilya Rutkovskiy, radio link
  • Artur Perevalov and Leonid Kulikov, payload
  • Polina Fish, PR

Project materials[edit]

Literature, articles and useful links[edit]