Nonlinear waves in nanostructures

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Research areas[edit]

  • Development of nonlinear models of low-dimensional nanostructures under the influence of intense external stress.
  • Development of the appropriate long-wave continuum equations with nonlinear, dispersion and diffraction terms, the equation of wave modulation.
  • Development of analytical and computational methods to describe the process of heat conduction in low-dimensional nanostructures based on correlation analysis.
  • Investigation of mutual influence of nonlinearity and dispersion on the thermo-mechanical wave processes in one-dimensional nanostructures.
  • Investigation of the relationship between the stability of the structure and anomalous thermal properties of quasi-crystals.
  • Investigation of transverse plane instability of non-linear waves in low-dimensional nanostructures.
  • Simulation of the propagation of mechanical waves and thermal disturbances in low-dimensional nanostructures by the method of particle dynamics.
  • Development of a program package for computer simulation of acoustic and thermal waves in low-dimensional nanostructures based on the method of particle dynamics.

Key words[edit]

Nanostructures, discrete media, nonlinear waves, acoustic waves, nonlinearity, thermal conductivity, discrete element method