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This page contains the list of lectures delivered by the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics staff for various SPbSPU institutions.

Lecturers Course title
Asonov Igor Evgenevich Project activities for Informatics
Berinskii Igor Efimovich Modern problems of mechanics
Vilchevskaya Elena Nikitichna Continuum Mechanics
Tensor algebra and tensor analysis (see the textbook)
Guzev Valentin Vasilievich Theoretical Mechanics
Emtsov Vladimir Georgievich Theoretical Mechanics
Dyatlova Polina Aleksandrovna Theoretical Mechanics
Oscillation theory
Mechanics of Materials
Ivanova Elena Aleksandrovna Mechanics of elastic shells
Mechanics of elastic rods
Rational Continuum Mechanics
Rigid body dynamics
Continuum models of microstructure
Karyakin Jurii Evgenevich Theoretical Mechanics
Kostarev Aleksey Vladimirovich The 1st and the 2nd courses
Kostareva Tatyana Alekseevna Theoretical Mechanics
Krivtsov Anton Miroslavovich Theoretical Mechanics
Kuzkin Vitaly Andreevich Introduction to mechanics of discrete media
Lebedev Dmitry Fedorovich Theoretical Mechanics
Le-Zakharov Aleksandr Anevich Computer technologies in mechanics
Le-Zakharov Sergey Anevich Computational Mechanics
Loboda Olga Sergeevna Theoretical Mechanics
Oscillation theory
Fundamentals of Crystallography
Mesheryakov Jury Ivanovich Dynamic processes in solids
Melikhov Efim Nikolaevich Computational Mechanics
Nosov Vyacheslav Nikolaevich Theoretical Mechanics
Panchenko Artem Jurevich A task list for the first year students (Informatics)
Podolskaya Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Theory of elasticity
Polyahov Nikolai Nikolaevich Theoretical Mechanics
Porubov Aleksey Viktorovich Nonlinear Wave Processes
Prokhorenko Fedor Fedorovich Theoretical Mechanics
Sablin Aleksandr Dmitrievich Theoretical Mechanics
Tikhomirov Viktor Vasilevich Theoretical Mechanics
Troickaya Olga Anatolevna Theoretical Mechanics
Shubin Sergey Nikolaevich Computational Mechanics