History and methodology of mechanics

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Course objectiveis a formation listeners skills methodologically competent understanding of specific scientific issues with a vision of their worldview in the context of the history of science.

Objectives of the course:

- Teach students to correctly differentiate scientific, pseudoscientific and quasi-scientific knowledge in information about the nature and society;

- Contribute to a scientific worldview;

- Prepare to accept new scientific facts and hypotheses;

- To give students a basic knowledge of the methodology and its levels;

- Create a sense of direction in the methodological approaches and see them in the context of existing scientific paradigm.


The main stages of the historical development of science

Modern scientific method

Relativity theory and quantum mechanics

Types of research

Basic forms of scientific knowledge. Concepts of scientific problems, facts, ideas, principles, hypotheses law

Classification methods of scientific knowledge. Characterization methods of theoretical and empirical levels of study

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