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Yacht "Nabl"


  • Sergey Le-Zakharov
  • Alexey Maistrov
  • Alexey Red'kov
  • Andrey Murachev
  • Dmitry Elets

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Project goals and objectives[edit]

Objective: Developing an automatic control system for a sailing yacht.

In order to achieve our goals, the following tasks need to be done:

  • Construction and installation of steering and hoisting sails mechanisms on the yacht
  • Equipping the yacht with onboard sensors (GPS, magnetic compass, wind sensor, accelerometer)
  • Hardware development: a control module, based on the Arduino controller able to receive signals from the sensors and provide a feedback signal for a closed-loop control.
  • Software development: a program tool that calculates an optimal route considering the information received from the sensors.

The project is developing by Technical Section of Yachting.

Completed Goals[edit]

Yacht "Nubble" (6.5 m), which is going to be equipped with an automatic control system, was purchased, renovated and launched on water. We developed a steering control system allowing to maintain a course. The work of the system was demonstrated at The XVII International Forum “Russian Industrialist” in LenExpo.

Current Goals[edit]

  • Developing a simple algorithm allowing to tack downwind (Maistrov, Red’kov, Murachev)
  • Choosing the best algorithm to control the tiller (Maistrov, Murachev, Red’kov)
  • Developing various of filtering algorithms, e.g. "Kalman filter" (A. Murachev)
  • Acquiring data from a magnetic compass, taking into account the yacht’s heeling effect (A. Maistrov)
  • The second option is an Android app with a yacht remote control interface, a map, and a data monitor (A. Red’kov)

Solved problems[edit]

  • Acquiring data from the GPS sensor and first versions of a path-tracing algorithm allowing to sail from point A to point B (A. Murachev)
  • The first version of the Android app for the yacht remote control (A. Red’kov)

Press about us[edit]

Participation in competitions and exhibitions[edit]

  • June 2013: a victory in UMNIK competition
  • St.Petersburg International Innovation Forum “LenExpo”
  • Competition of small-size shipbuilding projects (2nd prize)
  • Exhibition "VOLGA Boat Show 2013"

Market demands[edit]

The yacht should be capable of:

  • To follow the track that user drew with a finger
  • Track memory and a cyclic sailing option
  • Sonar function
  • "Parktronic" with a proximity sensor and a camera (optional)
  • Fail-safe autopilot automatically turning off at a speed over 20 km/h
  • Cruise control up to 35 km/h
  • GSM alarm system
  • Wireless speakers for the iPhone
  • Satellite tracking

Informational resources[edit]