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The aim of this course is to introduce to students the advanced dynamical problems of biomechanics and provide hands-on training on the analytical and numerical approaches. Lectures give insight into how mechanical knowledge can be implemented in biological science and illustrate different ways of analysis.

Featured methods and examples primarily cover the most popular research topics, and the introduced concepts can be easily applied to many other issues. The core of the course is the examining of non-stationary bioheat transfer problem and non-linear DNA dynamics framed in the context of continuum mechanics approach. This course also includes wide overlook of the various contemporary problems and methods of research applicable to state-of-the-art biodynamical problems.

The course includes the following topics:

  • Modern medicine and biology problems solved by means of mechanics.
  • Materials used in medicine.
  • Thermo mechanical features of body tissues.
  • Bio thermal conductivity of body soft tissues.
  • Classic law of bio thermal conductivity.
  • The classical and hyperbolic equations bio thermal conductivity.
  • Wave and non-wave heat transfer in the soft tissues.
  • Models of the laser effects on the skin.
  • Bio thermo elasticity.
  • Use of Lasers in Medicine.
  • Generalized formulation of the bio thermal conductivity problem providing deformation of soft tissues.
  • Biomechanics of DNA.
  • The structure of DNA. Application of Scott model to the dynamics of DNA.
  • Hierarchical sequence of DNA dynamical models.
  • The system of nonlinear differential equations describing the unwinding of synthetic DNA molecules.

Lectures by M.Babenkov

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