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[[ru: TC ]]
[[ru: TC ]]
[[File:Ballistic resonance.jpg|thumb]]
[[File:Ballistic resonance.jpg|thumb|Ballistic resonance and thermalization in FPU chain]]
[[Main_Page|TM]] > '''Project "Thermocrystal"''' <HR>
[[Main_Page|TM]] > '''Project "Thermocrystal"''' <HR>

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Ballistic resonance and thermalization in FPU chain
TM > Project "Thermocrystal"

The project is devoted to development of analytical models of unsteady thermal processes in ultrapure crystals.


  • V.A. Kuzkin, A.M. Krivtsov. Ballistic resonance and thermalization in the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam-Tsingou chain at finite temperature. 2020, Physical Review, E 101, 042209 (abstract, download pdf)
  • S.N. Gavrilov, A.M. Krivtsov. Steady-state kinetic temperature distribution in a two-dimensional square harmonic scalar lattice lying in a viscous environment and subjected to a point heat source. 2020, Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics, 32(1), с. 41-61 (abstract, download pdf)
  • A.M. Krivtsov. On heat transfer in a thermally perturbed harmonic chain. ArXiv:1709.07924. 2017, 2 p. (abstract, pdf).
  • A.A. Sokolov, A.M. Krivtsov, W.H. Müller. Localized heat perturbation in harmonic 1D crystals: Solutions for an equation of anomalous heat conduction. Physical Mesomechanics. 2017, Vol. 20, No. 3, pp. 305–310 (pdf).

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