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High-speed camera Fastec HiSpec 1 and results of its work

The studio was established in 2011 jointly by Photomechanics Ltd. and the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. In 2012 the studio became a part of the SPbSPU Center for scientific and technical creativity of the youth. The primary purpose of the studio is to attract talented youth to mechanical studies using the capabilities of modern photo and video devices, as well as the development of devices for the automatic video filming.

The main activities[edit]

  • Creating of 3D images
  • High-speed camera shooting
  • Developing of hardware and software





  • A post about the studio on
  • A.N. Andreev, A.S. Dubovik. "Application of high-speed photography and photonics to ultrafast processes studies" Download djvu (in Russian)

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