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[[ТМ|Кафедра ТМ]] > [[Портал сообщества]] > '''Research and Education Center "Biomechanics and Medical Engineering" ''' <HR>
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<font size="5"> Research and Education Center "Biomechanics and Medical Engineering " </font>
== About the Center ==
Research and Education Center "Biomechanics and Medical Engineering" was founded in SPbPU based on the order "About the restructuring SPbPU" № 304 from 03.04.2016. (Download pdf: [[media: Prikaz.304.pdf|290 Kb]])
:The main purposes of the center are:
*Organization and carrying out scientific and educational, research, innovation, and international activities; ;
*Implementation of the results of research and innovation in the educational process SPbPU in order to improve the quality of the educational process and provide a high level of scientific research component of the curricula SPbPU;
*Carrying out fundamental and applied research in the field of biomechanics and biomedical engineering;
*Development and realization of educational programs in the field of neuroscience, biomechanics and medical engineering, organization of practice and research, seminars and workshops, perform experimental tasks medical direction;
*Conducting research in the field of three-dimensional printing . Production of details with complex geometry and structure. Implants of the internal organs and skeleton printing.
== Directors of REC  ==
{| class="wikitable"
| <center>[[File:Loboda_main.jpg|110px]]</center>
| '''Head of REC "Biomechanics and Medical Engineering"''' [[О.С. Лобода|Olga Loboda]], <BR> docent, Candidate of physico-mathematical sciences, Deputy Head of Department of [["Theoretical and Applied Mechanics"]] for academic affairs, senior researcher Laboratory for [[" Discrete Models in Mechanics (DMML)"]], Head of [[НИЛ Бионсис|Research laboratory "Bionic systems"]] <BR> '''e-mail:''' loboda_o@mail.ru
| <center>[[File:Krivtsov_02.jpg|110px]]</center>
| '''Scientific supervisorr REC "Biomechanics and Medical Engineering"''' [[А.М. Кривцов|Anton Кrivtsov]], <BR> Professor, Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences, Head of Department [["Theoretical and Applied Mechanics"]], Head of [[НОЦ Газпромнефть-Политех|REC "Gazpromneft-Politech"]], Head of Laboratory [[""Discrete models in mechanics" (DMM)"]], Scientific supervisor [[Center for scientific and technical creativity of the youth (SCY)]] <BR> '''e-mail:''' akrivtsov@bk.ru
| <center>[[File:Nikolayvasiliev.JPG|110px]]</center>
| '''Scientific supervisor НОЦ «Биомеханика и медицинская инженерия»''' [http://science.spbstu.ru/personalities/nikolay_vasilev/ Nicholas Vasiliev], <BR> Researcher Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston Massachusetts, USA, Head of [http://science.spbstu.ru/laboratories/laboratoriya_meditsinskikh_tehnologiy/ RASA. The laboratory Medical Technology]  <BR> '''e-mail:''' nikolay.vasilyev@cardio.chboston.org
== Projects  ==
* [[Бионический протез руки|"Bionic prosthetic hand"]]
== Laboratories ==
* [[Research laboratory Bionsis]]
::Research laboratory "Bionic systems." The laboratory is aimed (to develop the field) development in the field of bionic prosthetic arms and legs, including a remote control system based on the registration of muscle and brain activity.
* [http://science.spbstu.ru/laboratories/laboratoriya_meditsinskikh_tehnologiy/ RASA. The laboratory Medical Technology]
::The laboratory medical technology. The laboratory is oriented to the development of modern medical equipment for surgery: surgical robots and machines, automated catheters, implantable devices, etc..
== Educational activities ==
'''[[Биомеханика и медицинская инженерия |The "Biomechanics and Medical Engineering" ]]'''
:'''The goal of the program:''' preparation of bachelors, with extensive knowledge in the common areas of mathematics and mechanics, advanced computational methods and information technologies; knowledge and skills focused on the solution of problems of biology.
:The general concept of training is based on a combination of a large number of fundamental orientation courses with courses that give a concept of modern methods and instruments used for in the field of biology and physiology measurements, computational methods and computer software packages for a wide range of problems at the interface of biology and mechanics. 
:The nature and level of training of graduates allows them to study a Masters of this area or choose an educational route.
== References  ==
* [[News ticker REC "Biomechanics and Medical Engineering"]]
* [[Department "Theoretical and Applied Mechanics""]]

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