High-speed videography

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High-speed videography

High-speed videography[edit]

It is used for recording and vizualization of fast-moving processes that cannot be seen with the naked eye. High-speed video cameras are widely used for:

High-speed camera Fastec HiSpec 1
  • Scientific-research programs: registration and video record of fast-moving processes, e.g., hydrodynamics tests.
  • Arms industry and firing grounds: test weapons and protection, ballistics, blast slow motion picturing. Related videos of bullet impacting metal objects can be found here.
  • Aviation and space: high-speed filming of gas turbine engines, missile's launches, aerodynamics, testing aircraft seats.
  • Setup and diagnostics of high-speed production lines, troubleshooting: packaging, cigarette manufacturing, plastic bottles, etc.
  • Automobile industry: car crash and airbags tests.
  • Sports and Medicine: biomechanics, athlete's movement analysis.
  • TV and movie industry: special effects, advertising, sports competitions.

High speed camcorders manufactured in Russian[edit]

Camera Fastec HiSpec-1[edit]

High speed camera Fastec HiSpec-1 was bought by Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics in 2010 to promote the activity of National Research University SPBPU. It allows to obtain an image at up to 506 frames per second at a resolution of 1280x1024. This camcorder can shoot high ISO images up to 1600.

Examples of shooting modes:

  • 506 f/s — 1280 х 1024
  • 1008 f/s — 1280 х 512
  • 2312 f/s — 480 х 480
  • 112183 f/s — 144 х 2

Full camera features can be found on the website of our partner company "Sedatec"

Optional equipment[edit]

In spite of the fact that the high speed camera is a very complicated electronic device, it is useless without correctly selected objective lenses. Set of three lenses was bought for our camcorder and is being used for different shooting conditions:

  • Lens Navitar DO-1795, 1”, F/0.95, 17 mm with manual focus and iris;
  • Lens Navitar DO-2595, 1”, F/0.95, 25 mm with manual focus and iris;
  • Lens DO-5095, 1”, F/0.95, 50 mm with manual focus and iris.

Lighting equipment and other accessories for the high-speed video recording studio was supplied in 2011.

  • Camera light Dedolight Fillini.
  • Complete set of mobile light Dedolight SPS3.
  • Shooting table ST 1020A.
  • Diffuser for shooting table SP-0615T.
  • Studio Background folding Raylab white 100x150cm.
  • Studio Background folding Raylab black 100x150cm.
  • Studio racks Manfrotto.



Used specialized software to analyze the process of scientific methods. In 2011, Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics was purchased by Tema Motion package, which implements the exact algorithm tracking, advanced motion analysis and excellent set of options for creating reports and presentations. All of these factors are key to get good results in a scientific experiment.

Projects of Department using high-speed videography[edit]

High-speed camera is widely used in applied research activities of the department and the educational process. Department staff conducted a high-speed shooting by order of companies: Weatherford, Radar MMS, Factory LS, LTD Financial and Industrial Company "Kosmos-Neft-Gas" and others. In particular, the survey was carried out the following processes:

  • The vibrations of moving parts of aircrafts
  • Dynamics of multiphase flows
  • The vacuum-arc treatment of metal surfaces
  • Movements of athletes (including skateboarding tricks)

Student projects using high-speed videography recorded on the pages:

An example of shooting at a high-speed camera[edit]

How to order a high-speed shooting?[edit]

To order a high-speed shooting you are interested in the process or phenomenon, go to the link

Other programs for processing high-speed shooting[edit]


Link to the official website of the company

Xcitex official distributor in Russia OOO "Camera IQ".

Contact person: Anton Krikunov

127473, Moscow, Pereulok Chernyshevsky, 5, building 1 Tel. / Fax .: +7 (495) 646 8824 dob.101

Mob. +7 (963) 663 8728 akrikunov@cameraiq.ru | www.cameraiq.ru


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