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St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University
Center for scientific and technical creativity of the youth
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This page provides information support for the official Fablab Polytech site

Fab Lab Polytech is an open high-tech workshop for the youth, the member of the global Fab Lab network. The main purpose of Fab Lab Polytech is to provide students and pupils an opportunity to materialize their technical ideas within the walls of SPbSPU. Fab Lab Polytech is a subdivision of the SPbSPU Center for scientific and technical creativity of the youth, created with the assistance of Photomechanica Ltd., officially opened on May 21, 2013.

FAB PICNIC Polytech 2014: the Festival for Scientific and Technical Creativity of the Youth

FabLab Polytech

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Address: 29, Polytechnicheskaya st., 195251, St.Petersburg, Russia.

Telephone: +7-812-2909872, +7-905-2715044

Feedback Form (you can also join the mailing list of Fablab Polytech by submitting this form)

The official web page: fablab.spbstu.ru

Wiki-page: tm.spbstu.ru/fablab (in Russian)

VKontakte: vk.com/fablabpolytech

Facebook: facebook.com/fablabpolytech

Twitter: twitter.com/fablabpolytech

Instagram: instagram.com/fablabpolytech



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