Biomechanics and Medical Engineering

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Bachelor degree program "Biomechanics and Medical Engineering"

About the program

Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

Speciality Code: 010303 "Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling"

Supervisor: Dr. Olga S. Loboda Deputy Head of Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Objectives: The bachelor of science degree provides a solid background in mathematics and mechanics, advanced computational methods and information technologies; giving students essential knowledge and skills needed to solve various problems in biology.

The general concept of the educational program is based on a combination of fundamental disciplines and various courses giving an insight into the modern methods and equipment used in the field of biology and physiology, computing methods and software packages allowing to solve a wide range of interdisciplinary problems of mechanics and biology.

The level of training allows the graduates to continue their education in the magistracy or to choose other educational program.

Training requirement

Duration: 4 years for the fellowship training program.

Qualification awarded: Upon successful completion of the course, students are awarded the qualification of Bachelor of Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling.

Main Disciplines

  • Physics
  • Numerical methods
  • Theoretical mechanics
  • Mathematical analysis
  • Biomechanics
  • Computing biomechanics
  • Numerical methods for biomechanical problems.
  • Chemistry
  • Introduction to Continuum Mechanics
  • Informatics
  • Rigid body dynamics
  • Mathematical physics
  • Mechanics of live systems and biomaterials
  • Theory of elasticity
  • Tensor algebra and tensor analysis
  • Oscillations in biological systems
  • Introduction to biological thermodynamics
  • Methods of anatomical and physiological researches

Program Staff


The share of the teachers having an academic degree and/or an academic status in total number of the teachers providing educational process on this educational program makes more than 70 percent, not less than 10 percent of teachers have an academic degree of the doctor of science.

  • Prof. Belyaev A. K.
  • Dr. Alexander A. Le-Zakharov
  • Dr. I.B. Suslova
  • Dr. Milhail B. Babenkov
  • Dr. Elena N. Vilchevskaya
  • Dr. Artem Yu. Panchenko
  • Dr. Ekaterina A. Podolskaya
  • Dr. Yu. A. Andrianov
  • Dr. S. P. Andrianova
  • Dr. A. G. Avramenko
  • Dr. A.V. Basov
  • Dr. S.F. Burdakov
  • Dr. V.I. Sushkov
  • Dr. A.B. Smirnov
  • Dr. Roman A. Filippov
  • Dr. S.A. Starovoytov
  • Dr. A.A. Moiseev
  • Dr Valeriy E. Hitrik
  • Dr. Yu.S. Chumakov
  • Dr. S.V. Kulik

Possible Places Of Practice

  • Federal Almazov North-West Medical Research Centre
  • Research laboratory of nano-microsystem equipment SPBSTU;
  • Russian state scientific center for robotics and technical cybernetics;
  • Clinic Pediatric Neurosurgery of A.L. Polenov RNSI, department of neurosurgery of children's age;
  • Baltic State Technical University "Voenmeh" D.F.Ustinov, research laboratory of neural network technologies
  • Medical and rehabilitation institutions, diagnostic centers;


1. The Departments Laboratory: supercomputers, 3D-model of the crystal structures, models of machinery

2. FabLab: 3D-printers and other

3. "Photomechanics": Equipment for high-speed photo and video

Information And Methodical Providing

The department has its own library containing specialized manuals and monographs developed by the professors of the department. Students have access to Internet sources through the computer network of the department. The educational process is provided by the SPbSTU Fundamental library . Distance learning is available through the web portal. All the undergraduate disciplines will use the website on wiki-technology to share pilot projects, put some papers and tutorials online and provide control over the educational process.

Possible Places Of Employment

Model bio2.jpg


Students interested in Bachelor Degree Program "Biomechanics and Medical Engineering" please contact Olga S. Loboda, Deputy Head of Theoretical Mechanics Department.