Anambra APC: No Private Eyes

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The APC should be careful not to make itself a laughing stock of the electorate. We witnessed what happened in the Governors’ Form during the Jonathan era when state chief executives dramatised how the elite turned democracy into a system for jesters.

We are hearing rumblings of that sort in Anambra State. The APC conducted a primary before the eyes and ears of all present. The Borno State Governor Kashim Shettima presided, and all 12 candidates submitted to the process. When the tally finally came, the clear winner was Tony Nwoye with over 2000 votes while contender Andy Uba tallied less than a thousand votes.

Now, Uba is challenging it, and the Oyegun-led party should understand that we are all</a> We want to see how a process everyone present saw and followed can be turned into a dark circus.

Andy Uba lost, and how hard is that to accept. Losses are not so easy but the majesty of democracy compels losers to accept and wait another day. This is not military rule where candidates come by fiat, especially when the ballots have been counted.

There are all kinds of reporting about influence peddling, using all kinds of inducements. Some with so-called democratic credentials are in on this infamy. If Uba and his men want to win an election, do the work before polling day and secure your voters. If you fail, don’t hold the system responsible.

When Governor Shettima presided, the evidence was</a> Everyone saw the votes, but are they trying to wipe out the evidence of the eyes? Everyone heard the votes counted and announced, so are they trying to condemn the evidence of the ears? Those who counted, felt the ballot, but are they trying to impugn the evidence of touch.

The relevant senses were present and vigorous. Perhaps the most potent was the evidence of the eyes. But Uba and cohorts want us to deny the evidence of our senses, especially the eyes. Psychologists have said that sometimes we hear only what we want to hear. Our eyes select what to see. In his novel Blindness, Nobel Laureate Jose Saramago noted that "blindness is a private matter between a person and the eyes with which he or she is born."

Well, the election was not done by private eyes, and what the majority of the eyes saw was announced. The eyes were public. Even in eyes, majority wins. So in</a> So in Anambra APC primary.